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DATE: 2013


ROLE: Producer

The Dumping Ground was a suite of multiplayer games that supported the launch of a new CBBC series of the same name, based on one of their most popular IPs, Tracy Beaker. The games feature environments and characters from the television programme, and all shared an interesting ‘synchronous, turn based’ mechanic.

The suite was designed to prioritise players’ relationships with one another and with the show’s characters, over playing specific games. As a result players are encouraged to choose an opponent before they choose which game to play, and encouraged to remain playing that opponent in different games once their first game was finished, thus strengthening personal connections.

The suite was also the BBC’s first multiplayer game offering, and was the most played on the CBBC site.  It also won the Children’s category in the 2013 Broadcast awards. A Preloaded case study can be found here.

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