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DATE: 2015


ROLE Story, Design and Development, Animation

My submission for the Moments of Consequence brief on the NFTS Game Design and Development course. This was the final brief of the first year and designed to draw upon all of the disciplines that we’d learnt so far.  It also involved collaboration with a large interdisciplinary team: writing, composing, sound design and producing students.

The brief was to collaborate with an NFTS Screenwriting student to create a three to five minute scene, featuring at least two human characters, where the player is able to make choices that impact meaningfully on the drama.


The concept involves a soldier, Ros, who is about to go on a mission in Afghanistan that she fears will kill her, and makes a final call to her lover James back home.  However, James is actually her sister Tess’s boyfriend, and the two share a few brief moments together before Tess interrupts them and, thinking the call is for her, shoos James into the other room so the sisters can talk. Ros must then continue two conversations simultaneously, and the player must decide at crucial points in the scene who to talk to and who to ignore.

This is a scenario all about dramatic irony and subtext; the audience can see see all of the action simultaneously in split screen, showing as clearly as possible what information some characters know that other characters don't. The layout of the characters is a diagrammatic indication of their relationships: Tess and James are in the same location but shown far apart; Ros and James are shown closer together, but separated by geography, as well as literally having a conversation behind Tess’ back.  Player interactions are limited to 3 decisions, each with a shorter time limit as the tension increases.

This project was completed in approx. 8 weeks, with character creation and animation in iClone 5, and development in Unity.

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