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DATE: 2020

ORGANISATION: Typewriter Club

ROLE: Game Direction, Narrative Design, Story

Out of Water is an ongoing project I’m developing under the studio name Typewriter Club. Best described as Florence meets Disco Elysium, it’s the story of Lily, a mixed race teenager in the witness protection program. Trying to settle into a new life after witnessing an act of violence, Lily one day discovers that someone knows she’s not who she says he is - can she work out who it is without arousing suspicion?


Selecting dialogue in Out of Water requires a player to complete very short mini-games that change in type depending on the dialogue, and change in difficulty depending on the pressure of the situation.  For example, a dialogue option where the player has to tell a lie involves piecing together multiple fragments under time pressure; phrasing something diplomatically involves a wire and buzzer task; a humorous response involves a rhythm action task. 


Failing to complete these challenges results in Lily mis-expressing herself, meaning that the conversation can take a turn for the worse. Players can level up Lily’s character to give them an edge in certain types of mini-game, but there’s still a chance that they’ll say the wrong thing in a high stakes situation.


I’ve developed a short demo and am currently pitching for full project funding .

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